This Dreamweek exhibition is a behind-the-scenes photographic look at the cast, crew, musicians and production process of the upcoming MBAW educational documentary, The Quilt: A Living History of African American Music, which travels through the time periods and genres of music directly connected to African American history and culture. 
Also on display are spectacular original graphics created for the film in large prints, as well as merchandise for sale such as Quilt totes, stickers, and blank greeting/thank you cards. All artwork was masterfully printed by our friends at Digital Pro Lab.

Robert Michaelson
Sarah Jane
Manuel Alejandro Hernández Cardona of CMC Studios
Various MBAW Staff.

Graphic Designers
Coral Díaz
Noelle Artigue

Works in the Exhibition

Artwork Purchase/Pickup Options
To purchase in-person and/or to pick up a purchased artwork, please contact the MBAW Art Gallery Director to schedule an appointment.

  • Pay & Pickup In-Person: Works are available for purchase online via credit/debit card. Shipping is not available, so you must contact the Gallery Director above to schedule a pickup at the MBAW Art Gallery & Offices.
  • Pay Online & Pickup In-Person: Works are also available for purchase in person via credit/debit, check, or cash. Contact the Gallery Director above to schedule a purchase/pickup time at the MBAW Art Gallery & Offices.