Musical Sprouts is an educational, arts-infused program where students explore different countries and diverse cultures while learning social emotional skills, core classroom subjects, and experience the arts through live or virtual concerts.

The program is regularly adapted to suit different learning environments, such as public, private or charter schools, homeschool groups, online schools, after-school programs, and transitional facilities.

What Makes Up Musical Sprouts?

Live or Virtual Concert Performances

Students experience live and/or virtual performances from world-class artists representing their country and culture. These music and dance artists not only perform, but speak and interact directly with the students to teach about the history, instruments, and importance of their respective culture.

Culturally-Enhanced Curriculum

Students dive deep into a curriculum focused around a specific culture. Each curriculum segment contain lessons developed with social emotional learning (SEL) and core subjects in mind. One lesson example is “Learning Through Our Five Senses”, where students learn about the culture’s food, music, landmarks, and more!

Cultural Curriculum Segments

Check out the latest all-encompassing Ebooks that include concert videos and a five lesson plan all centered around countries/cultures.

History of Musical Sprouts

Musical Sprouts started in 2016 and has grown from 2 schools to encompass several school districts and after-school programs throughout Texas. To read more about the full history of Musical Sprouts and its predecessor program, Kids to Concerts, click the button below.

Want Sprouts for Your Students?

If you are interested and would like to learn more about how to bring Musical Sprouts’ cultural learning into your school, learning center, or facility, click below to fill out a contact form. Our educational department will respond to you in a timely manner.

Teacher Certification (CPE)

Musical Bridges Around the World is a Texas Education Agency-approved continuing professional education (CPE) provider for the State of Texas. MBAW is approved to provide CPE hours for certificate renewal to educators, helping train teachers involved in the Musical Sprouts program.

The Future of Sprouts

As Sprouts grows within public schools, Musical Bridges Around the World also has plans to research and expand the program to learning outlets such as: charter schools, after school programs, transitional living centers, and juvenile detention facilities. We need your help to make that possible!


“This year has been a good year and I love the exposure the kids are getting of different cultures. These kids would not have gotten this exposure any other place. These kids don’t leave their neighborhoods and the fact that you guys get to expose them to STEAM is an added bonus. Excited about the next year.”

Rosie Hidalgo, Principal
Kriewald Elementary School

“I think it is really cool that the kids are learning about different cultures and having fun at the same time. And they are learning about science, math, etc.. I think the program is huge.”

Anonymous Parent
Devine Intermediate School

“My students were spell-bound by the Junior Delegation from Armenia. As I debriefed the children over the next several days, I was impressed with the number of details about Armenia that the students remembered. In almost all my classes, the comments included discussion of the precision of the dancers, especially the Warrior dance. Some of the highlights from their insights included fascination with the duduk and the young girl playing it. Almost every class wanted to highlight the young tenor soloist…Memories were made!”

Patty Riggle Bonner, Music Teacher (K-5)
Eleanor-Kolitz Hebrew Language Academy

“The kids have been excited about the lessons and don’t want them to end. They say, ‘Miss, can we go back to the Sprouts lessons to finish our work?'”

J. T. Brackenridge Elementary

Sprouts Educational Team

Anya Grokhovski, DMA
CEO & Artistic Director

Awilda I. Ramos
MBAW Board Member

Caleb Gonzalez
Director of Educational Outreach

Jennifer Reed-Martinez
Director of Community Engagement

Diana M. Osborne, MPA
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Corinna Quintanilla
Curriculum Specialist




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