To celebrate our shared humanity by providing access to global arts for all.



A world where fine arts are accessible to all, our common humanity is recognized, cultural diversity is celebrated, and all are united in peace.



Excellence   Equity   Inspiration

Musical Bridges Around the World is a multicultural arts organization focused on education and creating one-of-a-kind performances by internationally renown artists for the benefit of the general public and underserved youth and elderly communities, while fostering San Antonio’s reputation as a cosmopolitan cultural center. ALL of our public performances are free! What makes our programming unique is the pairing of Grammy-Award winning artists with folk, classical and jazz musicians across genres. Works are often commissioned by MBAW for world premieres and artists frequently develop future collaborations after meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

The organization was founded in 1998 by Russian-born concert pianist Dr. Anya Grokhovski, along with a group of music lovers to promote cultural understanding through innovative programming. MBAW envisions San Antonio as a vibrant epicenter that embraces her rich heritage and increasingly diverse cultural make-up through performances of international repute for all residents and visitors, regardless of socioeconomic standing. 


Anya Grokhovski, DMA

Artistic Director & CEO

Suhail Arastu


Diana Osborne

Operations & Grants Manager

Elena Portnaya, DMA

Artistic Coordinator & Staff Pianist

Julya Jara, CFRE

Director of Development

Sean Kithas

Marketing Manager

Erika Hicks

Development Manager

Jennifer Reed-Martinez

Director of Community Engagement

Caleb Gonzalez

Director of Educational Outreach

Emily Myers

Volunteer Coordinator & Office Assistant

Diana Roberts

Art Gallerist

Celia Thomson

Administrative Assistant




The Honorable Phil & Linda Hardberger

First Lady and Mayor (2005-09)
City of San Antonio

Francisco G. Cigarroa, MD

Former Chancellor (2009-14)
University of Texas System

Shahrzad Dowlatshahi

Chief Diplomacy & Protocol Officer
City of San Antonio

The Honorable Charles Gonzalez

Texas State Representative (1999-2013)
U.S. House of Representatives

Lori Houston

Assistant City Manager
City of San Antonio

Maestro Sebastian Lang-Lessing

Music Director Emeritus
San Antonio Symphony

Steve Nivin, PhD

Chief Economist (2002-08)
City of San Antonio

Mayor Ron Nirenberg

City of San Antonio

Leticia R. Van de Putte, RPh

President of Andrade-Van de Putte & Associates
Former TX State Senator

Maestro Karim Wasfi

Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra

The Honorable Judge Nelson Wolff

Bexar County Judge

Board Alumni

  • John A. Acosta
  • Suhail Arastu
  • Yurii D. Borshch, MD
  • Jenifer Brown
  • Judy Crabb
  • Diana A. De La Torre
  • Alba M. Diaz
  • Susan Dunis
  • Aspasia Erian
  • Richardson B. Gill, PhD
  • Caleb Gonzalez
  • Fred Grasso
  • Arseni Grokhovski
  • Kevin Hall, MD
  • Kelly Hamilton
  • Luci Harty
  • Bruce E. Houston, JD
  • Crisarla Houston
  • Mariya Houston, RN
  • Anne Johnson
  • Waheeda Kara
  • Barbara Lind
  • Veronika Liskova
  • Gustavo Medellin, MD
  • Analisa Mendiola
  • Gladys Miller
  • Kevin Moor
  • Sebastian Mora, MD
  • Jan Puckett, MD
  • Luis Ramos, MD
  • Sharon Romer
  • Rachel Ruiz
  • Reema Shroff, JD
  • Frank Stenger-Castro, JD
  • Sheila Swartzman, MD
  • Sujata Venkateswar, CPA
  • Daniel Webster
  • Connie White
  • Mary Ann Winden
  • Stan Zebrowski, DDS

Independent Contractors

Bookkeeper – Lynda Alston
Certified Public Accountants – Erin Lecce, Reed J. Smiley
Curriculum Specialist – Corinna Quintanilla
Curriculum Writer – Ashley Bird
Educational Researcher – Kimberly Salazar
Grant Writers – Tabitha Dunham, Lesley Ramsey
Graphic Design – Coral Díaz
Marketing Assistant – Paula Cortez
Photographers (In-Kind) – Kenneth Mahnke, Robert Michaelson
Publicist – Nancy Cook-Monroe
Video/Audio Production – Elias Flores III, Grace Goen, Steve Peterson, PR Story Studios
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