To celebrate our shared humanity by providing access to global arts for all.


A world where fine arts are accessible to all, our common humanity is recognized, cultural diversity is celebrated, and all are united in peace.


Excellence  Equity  Inspiration

Musical Bridges Around the World is a multicultural arts nonprofit organization focused on creating one-of-a-kind performances by internationally renowned artists for the benefit of the general public, underserved youth and senior communities, while fostering San Antonio’s reputation as a cosmopolitan cultural center. ALL of our public performances are free thanks to the support of sponsorships, grants, and donations! What makes our programming unique is the pairing of Grammy-Award-winning artists with folk, classical and jazz musicians across genres. Works are often commissioned by MBAW for world premieres and artists frequently develop future collaborations after meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

The organization was founded in 1998 by Russian-born concert pianist Dr. Anya Grokhovski, along with a group of music lovers to promote cultural understanding through innovative programming. MBAW envisions San Antonio as a vibrant epicenter that embraces her rich heritage and increasingly diverse cultural make-up through performances of international repute for all residents and visitors, regardless of socioeconomic standing.