Photographer Rob Michaelson on the set of The Quilt – Sarah Jane


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Sarah Jane





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Sarah Jane

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Artist Statement
Since 7 or 8, I have all these memories of my mom scrapbooking the family photos that she would take with disposable kodaks. I remember going to the local drugstore to get the photos developed, and I would always get so excited when she would give me a page to do! I became a hobbyist photographer in 2008 – taking pictures of nature and beautiful places I traveled to, and then would share those photos on social media.

I didn’t start portraits until 2009 when a friend told me she loved my work and wanted me to be her family photographer. After that session, I was asked by another friend for portraits, and before long I had a client list from friends who shared my work within their social media circles. By 2012, many shoots, gear purchases and learning the ropes of running a small business later - I was running my own company as a wedding and portrait photographer. My primary focus as a portrait photographer is to tell life's stories - whether it's a couple in love, boudoir portraits, a graduate who's finally obtained that degree they worked hard for, photojournalistic or business portraits of people and places. I love that through photography, moments in time can be preserved and shared for generations to come.

My biggest drive and where I am most passionate is in empowering women of all races to shine, grow, and become the greatest versions of themselves in whatever avenue or lifestyle they pursue.