Tanesha Payne captured on film by Steadicam Operator & Director of Photography – Manuel Alejandro Hernández Cardona


Left to right: Dancer Tanesha Payne, Steadicam Operator Rogelio Zamora Chavez, Director of Photography Alex O’Brien

Dimensions 16 × 20 in

Manuel Alejandro Hernández Cardona





Photo Credit

Courtesy of CMC Studios

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Artist Statement
Manuel A. Hernandez is an artist who approaches art as an idea. He uses the art context as a means to communicate, comment, and question the society. The material of his works varies constantly so he considers himself more like a modeler of ideas.

The performativity of the creative act is expressed either implicit or explicitly in his work. The perceptive element of a specific human group or situation is determinant in the interpretation of his works.

There are multiple referential games on reality in which the stable notions of identity are questioned over and over again. He questions identity where its predetermined and stable condition does not exist. Hernandez makes an interpretation from art of social situations of massive scope that have repercussions and affect the lives of men and women.

His artwork has been exhibited throughout Cuba as well as at international art events. Currently, he is exploring new means like photography: portrait, and documentary.