The Art Gallery of Musical Bridges Around the World continues the mission to unite, educate and inspire through culturally diverse programming by showcasing the works of established contemporary artists.  Quarterly art openings bring the community together, where the collectors are offered an exclusive opportunity to acquire artwork and support our non-profit at the same time – the proceeds benefit MBAW programming directly.

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After years of nomadism (or rather “occupation of the founder’s house” for 15 years), in 2012 MBAW (Musical Bridges Around the World) moved into its first ever office space.  The Musical Bridges Art Gallery located in Leon Springs – right at the foothills of the beautiful Texas Hill Country and across the street from the Dominion, has two suites side by side, with large floor-to-ceiling windows, a colorful shady garden and easy access from IH-10.  Opening with the acclaimed San Antonio artist Rex Hausmann, Musical Bridges Art Gallery held its public premiere in May 2013.  The Gallery has taken on a life of its own and become an integral part of the Leon Springs community, hosting numerous art openings as well as chamber concerts, poetry readings and book signings.  Being the only highly artistic entity on the corridor between downtown San Antonio and the city of Boerne, MBAW is on a mission to Unite, Educate and Inspire through culturally diverse performing and visual arts programming.  In January 2016 we welcomed Julya Jara, our Gallerist, as a new addition to the Musical Bridges family. We are looking forward to many unforgettable cross-cultural projects for the years to come!

A Few of My Favorite Things – Rodolfo Choperena (Mexico City, Mexico/San Antonio, Texas) August 26 – October 13, 2017
Whispers of Wuxi – Chen Hao, Ge Qiang, Geng Minxia (Wuxi, China) May 13 – August 18, 2017
Social Consciousness – Bernice Appelin-Williams | James Wyatt Hendricks March 11,2017 – May 5 ,2017
From Moussor to Tignon:  The Evolution of the Head-tie – Juliana Kasumu Jan 7, 2017
Chicken Soup –  Jill Bedgood, Danville Chadbourne, Mark Cheikhet, Alyssa Danna, Albert Gonzales, Rex Hausmann, Paul Martin, Ben McVey, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Kevork Mourad, Justin Parr, Louis Vega Trevino, Tanya Rachickaya, Kathleen Silva, Natalia Sun, Gary Sweeney, Lauren Browning, Sarah Sauer, Ricky Armendariz, Nate Cassie, Chuck Ramirez Nov 19, 2016 
Of Lace & Steel | Collaboration with Dock Space Gallery – Laura Mijangos, Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga Oct 8, 2016
¡Puro San Antonio! | Fotoseptiembre 2016 – Darren Abate, Billy Calzada, Mark Greenberg, Josh Huskin, Mark Sobhani, Natalia Sun Aug 27, 2016
Northern Lights – Louis Vega Treviño Jun 18, 2016
Fusion of the Arts – Mark Cheikhet Nov 22, 2015
Land & Sea – Robert Michalson & Jim Sparkman Sep 4, 2015
Fireworks – Rex Hausmann Jun 26, 2015
Metamorphosis – Kevork Mourad & Mahdi Vali May 30, 2015
Unfolding Dimensions – Sandy Whitby & Lauren Browning Feb 13, 2015
Sculptures & Paintings – Danville Chadbourne Apr 4, 2015
Silent World – Robert Michaelson & Jim Sparkman Aug 29, 2014 (Fotoseptiembre)
Dream Worlds – Tania Rachytskaya Apr 5, 2014
Feel the Glow – Susan Dunis Jan 25, 2014
On the Way to Work – Rex Hausmann Oct 5, 2013
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