Devil’s Grotto – Jim Sparkman


Dimensions 36 × 40 in

Jim Sparkman


Ambient underwater digital photography



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About the Work
Devil’s Grotto
A memorable moment

One of my favorite underwater photographs was taken in Devil’s Grotto at Georgetown, Grand Cayman. I have done underwater photography for many years. When I first switched from a film camera to a digital camera, I went to Grand Cayman to work with the staff at Cathy Church’s Photo Centre. I learned how to better use my camera and over the years went to Cathy’s shop to learn more about my craft and improve my techniques. Cathy is my original certifying underwater photography instructor and one of my photo heroes. In 2013 while in Grand Cayman for photo competition, I got a chance to work with Cathy to capture this picture. It was a terrific day, the sky was clear, sun shining brightly, the water very clear, and the sun in the right position to cast light into the Grotto. As Cathy and I were underwater capturing the moment, we worked together to compose the picture and make camera adjustments using only ambient light. After many shots, I got the picture, capturing the moment as the light beams were perfectly lighting the Grotto walls and the seabed. Many divers over the years have seen a similar scene in Devil’s Grotto. I was fortunate to capture it through photography. In a sad side note, soon Devil’s Grotto will no longer exist. The Grand Cayman government is preparing to build a cruise ship pier that will destroy the reef where Devil’s Grotto exists along with several other very popular dive sites.

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