MBAW was founded in 1998 by Russian-born pianist, Dr. Anya Grokhovski. Anya’s fiery passion for music, commitment to San Antonio, and connections to world-class musicians provided a platform for the creation of an exciting new musical experience in San Antonio. With the avid support of a group of local music lovers, Anya designed a series of salon concerts in private residences. By 1999, programming extended to San Fernando Cathedral, and in 2000 to McAllister Auditorium. MBAW’s Board of Directors plays an active leadership role, creating a strategic plan focused on exemplifying San Antonio’s cultural diversity through excellent multicultural programming.

MBAW-20010-01 Introduction from Musical Bridges Around The World on Vimeo.

Oct 11, 1009, “Carnival of the Animals”: the duo of Balbi Cotter, violin and Anya Grokhovski-Michaelson, piano; the string Cuarteto de Bellas Artes from Mexico City; and pianist Françoise Choveaux all joined to play “Carnival of the Animals” for 2 pianos.

Nov 22, 2009, “Bach in a Style of Jazz”: Valery Grokhovski, piano, formed a trio with Boris Adrianov, cello; and Mark Cheikhet, violin; later with jazz players Adam Booker, acoustic bass; and Darren Kuper, trap drums.

Jan 10, 2010, If it’s not Baroque, do not fix it”: Mercury Baroque from Houston, conducted by Antoine Plante, were joined by soprano Angela Malek, countertenor Andrew de Voogt, and trumpeter Nathaniel Mayfield.

Feb 28, 2010, “Jazz Reflections”: featured multi-instrumentalist Bennie Maupin, drummer Albert “Tootie” Heath, and contrabassist Darek Oles.

May 2, 2010, “Russian Dance”: Mezzo-soprano Maria Markina with pianist Grany Loehnig, and Mikhail Smirnoff and Kalinka, with the Russian dance troupe Barynya, finished the season.

Musical Bridges Around The World “Kids to Concerts” from Musical Bridges Around The World on Vimeo.

Kids to Concerts, Elementary Division — 2009-2010 school year
The Story of Babar the Elephant

The Kids to Concerts educational outreach program is a series of up to 15 live interactive music lesson/concerts played annually in San Antonio public schools—5 each in K-5, middle schools, and high schools—at no charge to the school districts.

These lesson/music performances are calibrated to the participating school’s curriculum. They meet established national and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) music curriculum standards. Teachers are able to test student learning, using evaluation forms provided by MBAW that are custom-developed by our associated music educators, including Dr. Anya Grokhovski and Dr. Annalisa Mendiola.

The Story of Babar the Elephant, a musical piece by Frances Poulenc with words by Jean de Brunoff, was performed in 5 elementary schools during the 2009-2010 school year by Elena Portnaya, piano, and Sarah Bading, narrator.

MBAW-MV-2010-01 from Musical Bridges Around The World on Vimeo.

Musica Viva, from 2009-2010 season

Musica Viva showcases musicians from our Main Stage series in intimate, salon-style performances offered to large donors by invitation. Focused on music by small ensembles, these concerts are designed to be performed “in chambers” in private residences, just as the classical composers of the chosen pieces had originally intended. Following each intimate musical presentation, performers and participants mingle over meals of specially-paired wines and foods. This video features a performance by Mercury Baroque, talk with its founder/director Antoine Plante and interview with Musical Bridges founding member Dr. Gustavo Medellin.

MBAW San Fernando Cathedral-2009 / 2010 from Musical Bridges Around The World on Vimeo.

Musical Evenings at San Fernando Cathedral, from 2008-2010 seasons

This series of free public concerts is produced inside San Fernando Cathedral on selected first Sundays of the month. The evening opens with musicians from San Antonio Brass, costumed in the 18th century garb of the nobility, playing a fanfare and recounting historical highlights about the edifice.

This vignette is followed by a classical concert featuring world-class musicians. The musicians in this video performed between 2008-2010. They included Boris Andrianov on cello, Elena Portnaya on piano, Mark Cheikhet on violin, and Svetlana Berezhnaya on organ.

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