We are pleased to recognize and thank the following Musica Viva members for their outstanding contributions:

Dr. David and Mrs. Elizabeth Friedman

The Friedmans have graciously opened their home to accommodate Cristina Pato, John Hadfield and Victor Prieto of the Silk Road Project with Yo-Yo Ma (our October Main Stage performers), as well as to host our private Musica Viva concert.

Dr. Kevin Hall and Dr. Josefine Heim-Hall

The Halls have also opened their beautiful home to accommodate duoJalal‘s Kathryn Lockwood and Yousif Sheronick (also performing in our October Main Stage concert). Additionally, the Halls’ lovely daughter Lena will be babysitting the adorable daughter of our performers!

Our members help to sustain our organization and are truly part of our extended family. Thank you again to the Friedmans and Halls!