On May 18th, downtown at the beautiful St. Anthony Hotel, MBAW’s Second Annual Gala and Fundraiser Russian Extravaganza was a great success,
raising over $80,000!

o-chairs Dr. Eric Miller and Ms. Reema Shroff worked together to create a truly fabulous fundraiser and gala.  Dr. Miller’s strong leadership combined with Ms. Shroff’s discerning taste and creativity, along with the hard work of the outstanding Gala Committee members, Mr. Suhail Arastu,
Dr. Yurii Borshch, Mrs. Polina Boudko, Mrs. Susan C. Franklin, and Ms. Adilya Kleinpeter, all made this evening a one-of-a-kind, cosmopolitan affair to remember!

Thank you to Drs. Eric and Michelle Miller of Hunter’s Creek Pharmacy for underwriting the gala, Dr. Yurii and Mrs. Elena Borshch of Precision Spine & Pain Management for underwriting the artistic fees for Barynya and Mr. Ronny Terrell of  Texas Copiers & Office for underwriting the artistic fees for the Flying Balalaika Brothers.

And special thanks to Drs. Awilda and Luis Ramos for donating the wine!

See more of Ken Mahnke’s gala photos here: https://www.jupiterhill.com/mbbarynya-auction2013/