Every time I put on my dive gear I enter a world of enchantment. A virgin underwater world untouched by humans just yet, filled with unimaginable colors and shapes. It is quiet; all I can hear is my own breathing from my regulator. I am transported to another realm of existence; I am a passive observer mesmerized by an utterly foreign universe going about its daily chores. I use photography as a means to document the world around me and share it with others. I admire every little detail of the smallest creature and am trying to highlight it in my pictures. I want people to be aware and appreciate the astonishing variety of life in the environments around us. My goal is to unconsciously arouse an emotional response to the unseen and unknown and try to convey the uncommon in the common. Most of my subjects are from the beautiful reef surrounding the Caribbean island of Bonaire. I want to share these images and introduce the people of San Antonio to this beautiful underwater world.  Hopefully, the unconscious emotional response will encourage people to help preserve the endangered ecosystems of our planet’s oceans.