Kids to Concerts (KtC) is a free educational outreach program that introduces San Antonio children to faraway cultures from all over the world through folk music and dance in their very own schools. KtC annually benefits more than 50,000 children in grades K-12 through interactive, multicultural performances by world-class artists of the highest caliber. This program is the first of its kind in the area, and is regularly praised by educators and children alike. KtC provides interactive concerts for children while integrating Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) compliant curriculum with the inimitable experience of live performing arts.

The KtC program objectives are: to introduce children to other cultures through international folk music at its best; to promote peace and respect for cultural differences; and to assist teachers and schools in fulfilling State and National Academic Standards. KtC brings the rare, precious experience of live art — integrating music and dance with science, technology, engineering, and math — to San Antonio children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to enjoy live experiences of this caliber. With bright costumes, unique instruments, short educational videos, the new KtC downloadable app and the vibrant energy of live performance, diverse traditions and music come alive for students, enhance their musical education while broadening their worldview.



“I can’t thank you enough for bringing Entreflamenco to Redland Oaks.  The students couldn’t stop talking about it the next day. Please feel free to contact me for anything you need in the future!”

Redland Oaks Elementary

“Our kids LOVED the concert! They were so excited to tell me all the things they learned; and I was so excited to know that they remembered specific details of the performance. One live concert is worth far more than the best dvd!”

RITA SHORT (Music Specialist)
East Terrell Hills Elementary

“The Flying Balalaika Brothers came to Huebner in the fall- they were great! I asked them to play “Birch Tree” for our 5th graders since we had learned it in class. Great experience!!”

REBECCA JUAREZ (Music Teacher)
Huebner Elementary

“Again, thank you for contacting me. The experience was amazing!”

LISA DE LEON (Fine Arts Teacher)
Rayburn Elementary

“The concert was SPECTACULAR!!!!”


“I have had many teachers tell me how much they enjoyed it and how much the students have been talking about it. The students I have had today have told me they loved it and how “cool” they thought it was.”

TARA MAYORGA (Music Teacher)
Herff Elementary

“Thank you so much for coming to our school!! the students loved it.  we have the thank you letters ready & ill put them at the front office.  see you next year!!”

Howsman Elementary

“In all the years I have been here at Regency (nearly 30) this was the most informative presentation about country, culture and the manner of which other children enjoy listening to music.  This was a WOW moment: real live EDUCATION.”

Regency Place

Download Sample Curriculum

MBAW’s Kids to Concerts program implements TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum. TEKS & STEM Codes covered in Kids to Concerts 2016-2017 performances include Sci 6.04 (B), Sci 6.05 (B), Sci 6.06 (A), Sci. 6.09 (B), Sci 7.02 (B) and (C), Sci 7.03 (B), Sci 7.04 (B), Sci 8.02 (A) (B) and (C), Tech grades 6-8 codes 1.1(a) and 2.2(a), Engineering 130.362(b), (c)(1), Mat 6.08 (A), Mat 6.10 (A) and (B), Mat 7.09 (A), Mat 7.02 (C), Mat 7.13 (A) and (D), Mat 8.14 (A). The merging of science, technology, engineering, and math with music is a uniquely engaging and thought provoking way to promote learning.

This year MBAW will bring Kids to Concerts to more than 50 San Antonio elementary schools, at no cost to schools visited. Many of the students in the schools we visit never travel outside their neighborhood, much less their city. Kids to Concerts brings the world to students, putting a face on the news and current events they may hear about on TV or in school, but may not relate to in their personal lives. These performances not only create appreciation for music in our children but also cultivate the audience of tomorrow.

  1. Andrew Briscoe Elementary
  2. Beacon Hill Elementary
  3. Big County Elementary
  4. Bob Hope Elementary
  5. Bowden Elementary
  6. Bulverde Creek Elementary
  7. Cameron Elementary
  8. Canyon Ridge Elementary
  9. Carnahan Elementary
  10. Charles Arnold Elementary
  11. Collins Garden Elementary
  12. Colonies North Elementary
  13. Crockett Elementary
  14. Dorie Miller Elementary
  15. East Terrell Hills Elementary
  16. Eisenhower Middle School
  17. Elma A. Neal Elementary
  18. Edgewood Fine Arts Academy
  19. Eleanor Kolitz Hebrew Language Academy
  20. Elm Creek Elementary
  21. Fernandez Elementary
  22. Forbes Elementary
  23. Freedom Elementary
  24. Garcia Middle School
  25. George E. Kelley Elementary
  26. Glenoaks Elementary
  27. Graebner Elementary
  28. Herff Elementary
  29. Hidden Cove Elementary
  30. Hillcrest Elementary
  31. Hirsch Elementary
  32. Howsman Elementary
  33. Huebner Elementary
  34. Huppertz Elementary
  35. Indian Creek Elementary
  36. Kipp Un Mundo Dual Language Academy
  37. Knowlton Elementary
  38. Kriewald Road Elementary
  39. Krueger Elementary
  1. Garcia Middle School
  2. George E. Kelley Elementary
  3. Glenoaks Elementary
  4. Graebner Elementary
  5. Herff Elementary
  6. Hidden Cove Elementary
  7. Hillcrest Elementary
  8. Hirsch Elementary
  9. Howsman Elementary
  10. Huebner Elementary
  11. Huppertz Elementary
  12. Indian Creek Elementary
  13. Kipp Un Mundo Dual Language Academy
  14. Knowlton Elementary
  15. Kriewald Road Elementary
  16. Krueger Elementary
  17. Larkspur Elementary
  18. Las Lomas Elementary
  19. Leon Springs Elementary
  20. Locke Hill Elementary
  21. Longfellow Middle School
  22. Madison Elementary
  23. McDermott Elementary
  24. Medio Creek Elementary
  25. Myers Elementary
  26. Nelson Elementary
  27. Nimitz Middle School
  28. Northern Hills Elementary
  29. Oak Meadow Elementary
  30. Ogden Elementary
  31. Pershing Elementary
  32. Raba Elementary, Rayburn Elementary
  33. Redland Oaks Elementary
  34. Regency Place Elementary
  35. Riverside Park Elementary
  36. Roan Forest Elementary
  37. Ross Middle School Elementary
  38. Scobee Elementary
  39. Science and Technology Charter School
  40. Southwest Academy
  41. Southwest High School
  42. Spicewood Elementary
  43. Steubing Elementary
  44. Stone Oak Elementary
  45. Sun Valley Elementary
  46. Vestal Elementary
  47. Villarreal Elementary
  48. Wanke Elementary
  49. Wilderness Oak Elementary
  50. Wilson Elementary
  51. Woodlawn Hills Elementary
  52. Woodstone Elementary
  53. W.W. White Elementary
  54. Young Men’s Leadership Academy
  55. Young Women’s Leadership Academy
  56. Zachry Middle School

Your evaluation of our concerts helps us to continue bringing our programs to your school. We appreciate your time.

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For Kids to Concerts opportunities please contact Program Coordinator, Diana Tatu at or 210-900-3081.