Zarzamora Street, June 16, 2019 – Karen Zimmerly


Dimensions 26 × 20 in

Karen Zimmerly


Archival pigment print



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Courtesy of the Artist

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Artist Statement
These photos reflect the chance encounters I have with the built world around me taken during many walks around the streets of San Antonio. I’m attracted to the ways places change over time and what people do to the places they inhabit. I enjoy finding some small unassuming spot that was never intended to draw attention and turn it into an arresting photograph.

Photography as a means of artistic expression attracted me over 40 years ago. I bought a camera, took lots of pictures, found darkrooms to use, and enrolled in numerous art and photo classes. I’ve worked in many ways over the years from setting up still lifes to shooting at night, but I find that simply grabbing a camera and taking a walk is always a great process. It is something I share with my husband who is a painter and photographer, and though we each work individually we frequently travel on foot together.