Planting – Carra Garza


Dimensions 16 × 20 in

Carra Garza


Mixed media photo collage: wax, resin, oil, pastel on board



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Artist Statement
Mixed media photo collage from the series “Curios Cuttings and Rebellious Rhizomes". This is a playful merging of the elegance of the utilitarian with the evolving detritus of the natural world.
Artists Bio An abiding appreciation for our natural world and the role we play in it is the focus of my artistic studio practice and work. Plant and animal specimens are feral plunder. I isolate them from their environs and reclaim them as still life subjects to reanimate at my choosing. In this context I gain thematic control and the power to build a new environment from a totally empty space. In exposing the small, quiet and often overlooked, I defend the elegance of the commonplace, while indulging my interests in collecting the curious.
In working with the camera, and in some processes without, I imagine an space, through light and shadow, of captive souvenirs in a mystical and sometimes surprising context. The dramatic formality of line and light; the tension of shape and pattern; the graphic framework of black and white are my subjective tools for creative expression.

My work engages a variety of approaches to the photographic medium and I gravitate toward both historical and contemporary methods that involve the darkroom, digital techniques, manual manipulation and mark making. The images, once printed, are reimagined through a mixed media process. Layers of wax, oil stick, pastel, transfer and collage are employed as metaphors: symbols of the change and unpredictability that occurs as the natural world journeys through a continuous passage of seasons and time.

Artist Bio
Carra Garza holds a B.A. in Art History from Southern Methodist University and received a certificate in Photography from the Southwest School of Art. Her nationally exhibited work merges nature with still life and constructed environments. In addition to black and white photography, Carra has worked in alternative photographic processes including cyanotype, platinum, argyrotype, photogravure and bromoil. Carra’s current practice involves mixed media photography methods employing transfer, collage and encaustic. In concurrence with her pursuits in the visual arts, Carra manages a youth photography program hosted by Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas, a land conservation non-profit. As an educator, Carra engages others in the appreciation of the natural environment. Carra Garza lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.