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Integrity – Lauren Browning


Dimensions 24 × 10 × 10 in

Lauren Browning


Black walnut, honeycomb calcite, travertine, fossiliferous limestone



Photo Credit

Peter M. Bryant

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Artist Statement
"Although my sculptures most commonly start with chunks of stone, during the pandemic I found myself indelibly drawn to the ancient art of carving wood wit h hand chisels and gouges. The process is inherently slow going, quiet, and meditative, which allowed for the form, textures and even the colors of the sculpture to fully evolve in the moment. The result is a mindful exploration of subtle changes in curvature and the intimate relationship between multiple lines and curves that flow and interact together in all three dimensions.

I see a soundness, a type of natural integrity, between the rugged bark and the hand-shaped wood and stone of this piece in the same way that I see an indelible connection between man and nature. This sculpture stands tall on a fragment of earthly bedrock as a beacon, as a guiding light across the troubled waters of our times, and as a steady call for integrity as we learn to coexist together in harmony on planet Earth."