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Clearing – Brian St. John


Dimensions 28 × 22 in

Brian St. John


Oil on canvas



Photo Credit

Courtesy of the Artist

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Artist Statement
When creating these drawings and paintings inspiration comes from both the formal aspects found in the natural landscape: placement of the horizon, patterns of light and dark, textures, color, distance/space combined with the expressive use of materials in the moment of making. These are not plein-air paintings of a particular place. They are moments in the creative process that become places for the creative act of making to be distilled: a rising sky, the harbinger of an approaching storm, the promise of the distant horizon. They are composite memories formed in the subconscious and brought into being through the act of making.

The forms may represent aspects of landscape but only to the extent that this allows a “place” for art making to happen and by choosing this type of “place”, I believe, this familiarity allows others the ability to move through the shared experience of occupying it. In the end these works are abstractions derived from multiple sources in the mind that come into being in a moment by a willingness to share them through formal and expressive means.