Kristina Zhao

Chinese-born American restauranteur Kristina Zhao made her debut in the San Antonio culinary scene in 2015 when she became the resident artist at her father’s new restaurant, Sichuan House. On-screen, the Texas Longhorn often played multiple roles—server, dishwasher, sou chef, and general manager. Behind the scenes, the entrepreneur worked meticulously on the scripts and choreography of her team, aiming to enhance and elevate each performance to be better.

Working under Executive Chef Jian Li, and with the support of the community, the duo elevates Sichuanese cuisine and Sichuan House to new heights receiving numerous accolades throughout the years. Often credited for putting Sichuanese cuisine on the map in San Antonio, Zhao represented the UNESCO City of Gastronomy as an ambassador at the Chengdu International Food Festival in 2018.

Expanding her footprint in San Antonio, Zhao recently teamed up again with Sichuanese grandmaster Jian Li to open DASHI Sichuan Kitchen + Bar, the collaboration of grandmasters to integrate the diverse and progressive aspects of Sichuanese cuisine with a modern American dining experience. Zhao also serves on the Visit San Antonio Food & Beverage Committee.

“Beyond the amazing food, hospitality and experience, I am creating an environment that encourages our visitors and our team in our Dashi (大市: big/great city) to activate and nourish their inner Dashi (大师: master) and empowers them to do Dashi (大事: big/great things). I hope the essence of Dashi inspires a thirst for knowledge, creation, and commitment to excellence.”