9 March 2024 – 31 May 2024, 5 – 8 PM

An exhibition featuring the abstract oil paintings and mixed media works of Texas artist Stefani Job Spears in an exhibit that ponders the often abstract beauty of nature, its underlying structures and elegance, and the intuitive, mesmerizing effect it can have on those who take the time to dwell in those magical moments of observation. The exhibit is presented in conjunction with Contemporary Art Month.

In the fully abstract oil paintings, complex arrangements of bold-colored, irregular dot patterns reflect both the cell structure of plants and the beauty of galaxies. In the mixed media works, handmade and printed papers – often imbedded, printed, or embellished by hand-drawn botanical elements – are layered, arranged and altered to reflect the human impulse to categorize, capture, and recreate the sense of wonder we often derive from organic forms and textures.

All artworks courtesy of Stefani Job Spears and Art Gallery Prudencia. (Photos courtesy of Seale Studios)