The Flying Balalaika Brothers from Austin visited 8 schools (Eisenhower Middle School, Garcia Middle School, Science and Technology Charter School, Vestal Elementary School, Indian Creek Elementary School, Hidden Cove School, Krueger Middle School, and Longfellow Middle School) over three days in November and introduced kids to Russian culture through music, colorful folk costumes and ethnic instruments.

STIM, TEKS and STEM focused curriculum was presented during the concert. 7500 kids enjoyed fiery performances and learned some Russian expressions in the process.

One of the kids came to the artists after the show and asked if they can take him to Russia with them…

Musical Bridges wants to thank board members Caleb Gonzales and Awilda Ramos for investing an enormous amount of time and effort into these concerts.

Eisenhower Middle School
Thanks to Band Directors Clinton Schaefer and Sylvia Halbardier

Indian Creek Elementary

Indian Creek Elementary

Principle Monica Munoz,  Flying Balalaika Brothers members, Councilman Saldana, MBAW Artistic Director Anya GrokhovskiFlying Balalaika Brothers members Sergey Vashchenko, MBAW board member Awilda Ramos, MBAW volunteer Cecily David,  MBAW Board Member Caleb Gonzales,  Music Director Brian DuBois and in front, Indian Creek Elementary students