Musical Bridges Around the World’s (MBAW) Artistic Director, Dr. Anya Grokhovski just returned from New York where she observed the Silk Road Project’s community outreach educational program.

The purpose of this trip was for Anya to “learn the ropes” of a long term in-school, multi-cultural educational initiative.  This program has been in existance for many years and helped MBAW learn how to create a sustainable multi-cultural educational program in San Antonio Title One schools.

MBAW has been working with individual musicians from the Silk Road Project for many years and it was wonderful to see them involved in this program in action.

Silk Road Project administrators Lori Taylor and Liz Keller-Tripp were very excited to have a visitor from Texas and proudly shared their fantastic achievement!  Anya joined the crowd of parents and went through the entire process as a participant in order to experience the project first hand.

 Cristina PatoSandeep Das and Shane Shanahan send their love to all of us in San Antonio and will be back for our International Music Festival at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in May 2015.  All of us at MBAW are extremely grateful to Silk Road Project administration and musicians for their hospitality!