You type San Antonio Symphony into a search window, and…WOW!  An international world of music opens in front of you!  Recordings on world famous labels!  A busy touring schedule under the button of the brilliant Sebastian Lang-Lessing!  Performances with premier soloists like Martha Argerich, Eugene Kissin, Lang Lang, Joshua Bell… all possible concert halls…Vienna Musikverein!  Covent Garden!  Concertgebouw! Carnegie Hall!

The reviews rave about the orchestra and conductor and the city of San Antonio!  Ranked #1 of 317 attractions in the United States!  Type: Symphonies, Description: “Often a tough ticket, the San Antonio Symphony features some of the best classical music to be had in the US.”  “Best.” “Amazing experience.” “One of the best Orchestras in the world.” “Music enjoyed.” “Absolutely the best in the World!” “Better than Vienna, oh really!  Yes, this symphony is so beautiful, your eyes will cry with tears!”  These are some of the comments about the San Antonio Symphony on the international scene!

What a lucky city that hosts this orchestra!  Kids in school whistle main themes from Mozart symphonies and can explain to strangers on the spot the structure of the sonata form, all DUE to the San Antonio Symphony’s vast educational outreach programs at the schools!  People fly to San Antonio from all over the world to hear OUR orchestra.  The hotels and restaurants are overwhelmed with business.  San Antonio is famous for its culture and for its world-class musicians!  The River Walk has to expand to accommodate strolling tourists invading our city.  People and businesses from all over the world dream of moving to San Antonio for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, world-class culture and outstanding quality of life. WE ARE A CULTURAL CENTER ALL THE WAY AROUND!

This is not science fiction.  The hardest part is already taken care of…we already have THIS orchestra, and we already have THIS conductor. All of the musicians in the San Antonio Symphony, after world-class training in the best music institutions all over the world, came here to give their talent and their lives to us.  They play for us; they teach in our colleges and universities; they educate our children.  It is they who put San Antonio on the map of the civilized world.

Bruce Bugg, Nelson Wolff, Steve Lee, Susan Franklin and many other community leaders took on the ginormous task of raising funds for the building of the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in San Antonio. These people genuinely care about San Antonio and its prosperity.  These people understand that unless we have a world-class and financially prosperous Symphony, the Tobin Center will become just another venue for the touring companies.

They are the movers and shakers of our beautiful city and they will figure out a way.  Perhaps we need to pass a bond, add some new tourist tax to create an endowment or something else – we must do whatever is needed to create the necessary conditions to establish the Symphony’s financial prosperity and take it to the world arena where it belongs.  Any building, even the most beautiful one, is an empty shell.  The San Antonio Symphony is the cultural soul of our city and it will fill the new beautiful building with beautiful music.  Just like in a fairytale, Sebastian with his magic wand will bring the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts to life.