Review from Cristina Pato Visit in October, 2012

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Kriewald Road Elementary: Caleb Gonzalez, Fine Arts Director

Musical Bridges,

I just wanted to thank you for bringing the “tour” to our district and to the 600 students at the school. I recieved a lot of wonderful feedback from the students and staff. Some students even came up to me and said, “After that show, I want to go to Russia”. You have to remember, some of these kids do not even know that San Antonio is in the United States. A harsh reality, but it is a fact. Having the group come over was a great cultural experience for our kids. I also enjoyed the incorporation of Math studies, Cultural studies and Language studies into to the performance. So once again, a big thanks to Musical Bridges for such a great experience.

Raba Elementary School: Linda Gómez Richter, music teacher

Virginia A. Myers Elementary School: Judy Gorrell, substitute music teacher