Over the course of Summer 2022, Musical Bridges Around the World has made some positive shifts in the Musical Sprouts educational program, which has provided live concerts (or virtual concert films) plus cultural curriculum and learning to students in need. We have finished the five-year Sprouts research study proving its efficacy and are now in the process of expanding the program exponentially with the needs we see in the community.

Our first educational program, Kids to Concerts, started in 2001 by providing impactful live concerts in schools. Now as Sprouts continues to grow and provide these same exact live concerts as part of its programming, we see it as the only logical progression for the Kids to Concert brand to merge with Musical Sprouts. So, as we start this new 2022-23 season, Musical Sprouts will now represent our overall educational programming. This does not mean that live concerts are going away, as we will still continue to bring them under the Musical Sprouts program name. 

Typical merger/acquisition procedures will commence with all of Kids to Concerts branded material/information, including:

  • Official announcement of merge/acquisition on website (this), email lists, and social media.
  • KTC website page and menu button will now redirect to Musical Sprouts website page for the next two months, after which they will be archived.
  • Other external online materials will be updated to reflect update
  • Print and other material will now showcase Musical Sprouts brand only.