My journey into underwater photography was first fueled by my desire to share the awe inspiring sights of the undersea world to non-diving friends and new divers. This evolved into a quest to take my underwater photography to another level and has since become my greatest passion as I travel and dive around the world. I have seen many wondrous things in our underwater world along with a vast array of unique and varied sea creatures. In my travels I explored pristine reef systems with many varieties of beautiful hard and soft corals. Unfortunately I have seen reef systems damaged through carelessness and chemicals washed into the sea. Through my photography I try to capture the beauty of life underwater so people develop a higher concern for how we use and protect our seas throughout the world.”

Jim Sparkman currently resides in San Antonio Texas where he started his diving adventures in 1997. In 2008, after 36 and a half years in the corporate world, he retired to follow his passion of scuba diving. Over the years he continued to expand his diving skills, certifications, and specialties eventually becoming an instructor so he could introduce and teach people to safely experience our unique underwater world. Jim also teaches underwater photography to certified scuba divers. As an avid diver, traveler, and photographer he seeks new places to experience. Jim uses his photography to capture images to share with fellow divers and those curious about our planet underwater.