James E. Sanders, Jr. is the principal of Standard Definition and Location Sound Design, providing all aspects of audio/video production from pre- to post-production. His experience includes serving as Production Manager at Houston’s Public Radio Station, KTSU-FM; Audio/Operator at San Antonio’s Public Broadcasting System affiliate KLRN-TV; and freelance engineer for regional and national clients including Discovery Channel, CTV Canadian Television, Nike International, Wieden + Kennedy Portland, and Associated Press (Barack Obama: Primary, Municipal Auditorium San Antonio, TX).

Sanders specializes in onsite digital audio/video recording of ethnic, folk, classical, jazz, and spoken word performances imbued with sound ambience of a particular live performance. Clients include Gemini Ink, Southwest School of Art and Craft, San Antonio Museum of Art, and Celebration Circle. Sanders has recorded, mixed and mastered more than 400 Musical Bridges Around the World performances since 1997.