Our annual fundraising event “D’s on Keys” took place on 26 January at the Empire Theatre and exceeded all expectations!

We want to thank Honorary Chairs Francisco & Graciela Cigarroa for their leadership. We are also grateful to our brilliant board members Awilda Ramos and Jaime Waltman for their tireless effort as co-chairs. This event is a resurrection of a doctors’ recital we produced when Musical Bridges was just founded, 20 years ago.

Many physicians, students of Anya and Valery came together to show their talents and raise funds for a young organization to produce school concerts. Many of the original doctors are still performing. We want to take this opportunity to remember Dr. Dany Duke, an ophthalmologist who was one of the founders of this program but is no longer with us. This year’s benefit raised a net $35,000 to support Musical Bridges’ free educational program: Kids to Concerts. We know this would make Dr. Duke very happy!