Musical Bridges’ Art Gallery hosted its third opening of the season on Saturday, April 5th.  The opening celebrated “Dream Worlds,” the first US exhibit of internationally renowned batik, silk painter and shibori artist Tanya Rachytskaya.  The opening also served as the grand opening of Musical Bridges’ expansion into the suite next door.

A constant flow of over 100 guests moved throughout the newly renovated gallery-enjoying art, wine, hors d’oeuvres, and live jazz piano by Heinz Frommeyer.  Tania’s artwork inspired an evening with many creative discussions and questions from guests.

Many of Tania’s pieces were sold-including her very popular hand-painted silk scarves and brooches.  Her exhibit at the Musical Bridges’ Art Gallery will be available for viewing through June 5th.  To schedule a visit, please call (210) 464-1534.