On 5 February 2023, The Gurwitz International Piano Competition announced its new Honorary Chair for the upcoming competition in January/February 2024,  international music icon Dionne Warwick. As a cornerstone of American pop music and culture, Warwick’s soothing and sensual voice has sold over 100 million sold records, six Grammy Awards, and 75 chart hits.

So why did The Gurwitz seek her out? One quote from Dionne exemplifies a reason why:

“I’d like to see a world free of strife, stress, pain, hunger, war – a cool place where everyone could live.”

The statement mirrors Musical Bridges Around the World’s vision of a world where fine arts are accessible to all, common humanity is recognized, cultural diversity is celebrated, and all are united in peace. 

Concert During Competition Week

The pop legend is planned to perform in downtown San Antonio, TX during competition week in January/February 2024. An official date still being confirmed, but ticketing will be handled separately from The Gurwitz International Piano Competition/Musical Bridges Around the World and will be a paid event.

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