February 1, 2015: Strauss & Golden Greece

As a part of the city-wide Strauss Festival, the New York based Canellakis-Brown Duo, “a pair of adventurous young talents” will present a sonata for cello & piano along with their own Greek-flavored compositions.


Richard Strauss: Sonata for cello and piano in F major, Op 6 (TrV 115)

  • Allegro con brio
  • Andante ma non troppo
  • Finale: Allegro vivo

Chopin: Sonata for Cello and Piano, G-minor , Op, 65

  1. Allegro moderato in G minor
  2. Scherzo in D minor, Trio in D major
  3. Largo in B-flat major
  4. Finale. Allegro in G minor, ending in G major

Bulgarian/Canellakis: Folk Arrangement