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Musical Bridges Around the World is proud to offer concerts and performances FREE & OPEN to the public over the course of our 2nd Annual International Music Festival

mbaw member badge 200As a token of our appreciation, preferred seating is available for members based on availability, RSVP required.  Musical Bridges Around the World is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving nearly 80,000 annually. Members are our lifeblood and your gift—at any level—makes it possible for us to offer:

  • Kids to Concerts - FREE, high-quality, TEKS-compliant music education inside San Antonio public schools
  • Musical Evenings at San Fernando Cathedral - FREE
  • International Music Festival - FREE

We appreciate your support and thank you for your generosity! Become a member today by clicking here or by calling Diana Tatu at 210-464-1534 or click here to email Diana