2024 Gurwitz Winners

2024 Bronze Medalist Young Sun Choi, Silver Medalist Tatiana Dorokhova, and Gold Medalist Yungyung Guo.

Each of the three medalists of the 2024 competition will receive a respective $30,000, $20,000, and $10,000 prize along with any other awards they received during the competition rounds. And this is just the beginning of these pianist’s careers, as The Gurwitz acts as a springboard for their careers. Jury chair Scott Yoo will invite each of the medalists to perform during the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra‘s next season, Musical Bridges Around the World will also invite the medalists back to perform in San Antonio and local Texas areas in the following seasons. Juror Tanja Dorn, who is head of the global artist management agency Dorn Music, is in talks with The Gurwitz to additionally help propel the medalists’ careers on the international level.

For Medalist Booking Inquiries:

Contact Gurwitz Artistic Director Elena Portnaya.

Yungyung Guo - GOLD

Junior Jury Award

Tatiana Dorokhova - SILVER

Audience Favorite Award

Young Sun Choi - BRONZE

Best Performance of a Work by a Spanish or Latin Composer