San Antonio International Piano Competition (SAIPC)

A Not for Profit Music Presenting Organization

The San Antonio International Piano Competition, Inc. was founded in 1983 and received 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS in 1984, the same year the first Competition was held. Since then, eleven more artistically and financially successful Competitions have taken place. All but one have been held at Trinity University’s Ruth Taylor Recital Hall, a venue allowing ample seating and the finest piano acoustics in San Antonio.

Some of the most distinguished concert pianists and educators have judged the Competitions, including Jeffrey Biegel, Joseph Bloch, David Burge, Eduardo Delgado, LoAnn Lin, Ruth Laredo, Beatrice Long, Matthew Mason, Robin McCabe, Daniel Pollack, Santiago Rodriguez, Ann Schein, Abbey Simon, Boris Slutsky, Jeffrey Swann, Peter Takacs, Naoko Takao, and Ralph Votapek.

New Works Commissioned

In 1991, SAIPC inaugurated the custom of commissioning a new work of music to be played by all Competitors. Lowell Liebermann, who is today recognized as one of America’s leading composers, received our first commission. Other composers selected to create new works have included Joan Tower (Grammy award winner 2008) and Paul Moravec (Pulitzer Prize in Music 2004).
1991 – Lowell Libermann – Nocturne No.3, Opus 35

1994 – Timothy Kramer – Colors from a Changing Sky

1997 – Elisenda Fabregas – Mirages

2000 – Henry Martin – Praeludium XXIV and Fugue XXIV

2003 – Judith Zaimont – Wizards

2006 – Ronn Yedidia – Rhapsody

2009 – Joan Tower – Ivory and Ebony

2012 – Paul Moravec – Upsparkles

2016 – Matthew Mason – Bal Fantôme

Master Classes by Distinguished Pianists

The year 1991 also saw the introduction of Master Classes, taught by our Judges, offered to local students chosen by members of the San Antonio Music Teachers Association. The Master Class program has expanded each year, engaging and encouraging both high school and university students in their pursuits of piano excellence.

In 2012, SAIPC began the San Antonio International Piano Series. This program offers the San Antonio public a professional classical solo piano series, and it allows SAIPC to provide recitals designed to inspire and delight younger and older audiences alike. The Series allows SAIPC to be a more active participant in the musical arts of San Antonio, and improves the visibility of the organization through more frequent exposure to the public.

Along with Master Classes, the last few years have seen growth in youth educational programs and outreach concerts provided by SAIPC, all free of charge to our community.  These programs reach a completely different audience than the piano series and have proven a superb way to expose a wide and diverse audience to great piano performance.

2009 Gold Medalist Ryo Yanagitani plays Chopin Scherzo no. 3 in c sharp minor, Op.39 (2012)
Competition Medalists

Twelfth Competition | 2016

Scott Cuellar (USA) Gold Medal
Sung Chang (S Korea) Silver Medal
Osip Nikiforog (Russia) Bronze Medal

Eleventh Competition | 2012

LoAnn Lin (Taiwan) Gold Medal
Angelo Arciglione (Italy) Silver Medal
Yejin Noh (Korea) Bronze Medal

Tenth Competition | 2009

Ryo Yanagitani (Canada) Gold Medal
Andrea Lam (Australia) Silver Medal
Christopher Atzinger (USA) Bronze Medal

Ninth Competition | 2006

Alexey Koltakov (UKR/AUS) Gold Medal
Grace Fong (USA) Bronze Medal
Michael Mizrahi (USA) Bronze Medal

Eighth Competition | 2003

Roger Wright (USA) Gold Medal
Young-Ah Tak (Korea) Silver Medal
Boris Feiner (UKR/Israel) Bronze Medal

Seventh Competition | 2000

Naoko Takao (Japan) Gold Medal
Michael Schneider (USA) Silver Medal
Gloria Chien (Taiwan) Bronze Medal

Sixth Competition | 1997

Mi-Jung Im (Korea) Gold Medal
Roger Wright (USA) Silver Medal
Molly Kiser (USA/Japan) Bronze Medal

Fifth Competition | 1994

Audrey Andrist (Canada) Gold Medal
Wei-Yi Yang (Taiwan) Gold Medal
(No Silver Medal awarded)

Fourth Competition | 1991

Richard Dowling (USA) Gold Medal
Bernadette Balkus (AUS) Silver Medal

Third Competition | 1988

Boris Slutsky (Russia) Gold Medal
Thomas Tirino (USA) Silver Medal

Second Competition | 1986

Kathryn Brown (USA) Gold Medal
Alan Chow (USA) Silver Medal

First Competition | 1984

William Koehler, (USA) Gold Medal
Ilan Rechtman, (Israel) Silver Medal

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