The City of San Antonio boasts an array of Texas’s most diverse artistic sensibilities, religious beliefs, and ethnicities. Anya Grokhovski, our Artistic Director, scours the planet to find musicians whose exceptional talent communicates the uniting spirit of all of our sensibilities, across the expanses of time and world geography.

Yes, our concerts present some noted, “world-renowned” artists. But what makes for fame in today’s mass media is not necessarily a skilled performer on an instrument or voice—flash, glitz, even outrage is what attracts attention. The sizzle.

So you have probably never heard of many of these musicians. Read on to find out who they are, how talented they are. We guarantee they are the best. The steak. The salt. The portobello. The olive. The breakfast taco.

At Musical Bridges events, you will be hearing these musicians play their hearts out, sending messages about the finest we humans can be. You will be feeling that sensibility reflected back from your heart, as you participate in a community of curious, engaged, and delighted listeners.

Musical Bridges Around the World is all of us. Together.

Performers in Main Stage 16th Season

Musica Viva

A consummate musician, powerful presence and master programmer, Andrés Cárdenes has established himself as a conductor possessing all the essentials of a modern maestro. His innovative programming and compelling performances have earned him high praise from audiences, critics and colleagues alike. Currently Music Director of Strings Festival Orchestra (CO), the Pittsburgh Festival Orchestra, and former Music Director and Leader of the Pittsburgh Symphony Chamber Orchestra from 1999-2010, Cárdenes has drawn audiences to the concert hall for a vast array of aural experiences. A champion of living composers and the music of our time, Cárdenes’ formula for presenting diverse genres of music has been met with great enthusiasm.