Musical Sprouts was “born” four years ago out of MBAW’s well-established Kids to Concerts series, with the goal to measure the impact of music and art on academic performance. The planned STEAM curricula (a merging of STEM and Fine Arts) works to open students’ eyes and imagination to a vast wild world of possibilities and engage them through hands-on activities built around international culture and fine arts.


Musical Sprouts has successfully introduced three cultures each season to a growing number of schools in the San Antonio area.

  • Started Awilda’s house
  • 1 lesson from kids to concerts
  • 2016-2017 Season
    Fall 2016 | Russia
    Winter 2016 | Spain
    Spring 2017 | India
  • 2017-2018 Season
    Fall 2017 | Africa
    Winter 2017 | China
    Spring 2018 | Mexico
  • 2018-2019 Season
    Fall 2018 | Native American
    Winter 2018 | Germany
    Spring 2019 | Japan


  • Now 5 lessons per culture
  • Curricu
  • Sprouts is an invitation to move into the classroom
  • 5 schools have given us week of instructional time in the 24
  • 1 hour for the pretest
  • Hour concert week2
  • Week3-7 lessons
  • Week 8 test
  • All together 24 hours
  • Training teachers adds 2 hours per segment before lessons
  • Optional guest during library hour added at their discretion adding to the time
  • commited relationship
  • (District for website) Price Elementary( South San ISD), Southwest Elementary (Southwest ISD), Colonial Hills Elementary (Northeast ISD) control, Devine Intermediate (Devine ISD), JT Brackenridge (San Antonio ISD)
  • Waiting list schools: School of Science and Technology Discovery (SST ISD), whole SST ISD is on waiting list, Kriedwald Road Elementary (Southwest ISD), Ball Academy (San Antonio ISD), Camelot Elementary (magnificent 7)(Northeast ISD), Passmore Elementary (Northside ISD), have had conversations SAISD public schools, all nine elementary schools internal Bachelorette


  • Develop curricula and partner with school to combine STEM and the arts, reach more schools, utilize more,
  • Promote towards younger K-2nd
  • Borrow native instruments from MBAW.
  • Possible visual art connection through artists that come in


Musical Sprouts is looking to establish a more standardized curricula to efficiently

“The students kept asking me all day when were you going to come back because they loved the lesson.”

MRS. BRUNO (4th-Grade Teacher)
Kriewald Elementary School

“I think it is really cool that the kids are learning about different cultures and having fun at the same time. And they are learning about science, math, etc.. I think the program is huge.”

Devine Intermediate School

“This year has been a good year and I love the exposure the kids are getting of different cultures. These kids would not have gotten this exposure any other place. These kids don’t leave their neighborhoods and the fact that you guys get to expose them to STEAM is an added bonus. Excited about the next year.”

Principal Hidalgo
Kriewald Elementary School

Program Staff

Caleb Gonzalez (Director of Educational Outreach)

Isabel Anaya (MBAW Curriculum and Data Coordinator)

Corinna Quintanilla (Curriculum Specialist, Sprouts Campus Coordinator)