MBAW’s Kids to Concerts Committee, made of Board Members and staff, meets monthly to fine-tune the curriculum, lesson plans, programming, and overall vision.  MBAW has a uniquely international Board of Directors and the equally international KtC committee reflects Musical Bridges’ vision.  Each committee member brings their cultural background and personal expertise to the table.  Committee Chair Dr. Awilda Ramos is a Puerto Rican native, Retired Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, and pediatrician with many years of experience working with children and in creating curriculum for Montessori schools; school liaison Mr. Caleb Gonzalez, is a Mexican-American with over 25 years of teaching experience in San Antonio public schools, Mr. Suhail Arastu, an Asian Indian, brings international expertise after many years working for peace in developing countries in Africa and Central Asia, while Russian-born CEO and Artistic Director Dr. Anya Grokhovski ensures artistic excellence.

Board Member, SWISD Music teacher, and MBAW school liaison Mr. Caleb Gonzalez is instrumental in meeting with MBAW’s Kids to Concerts committee, and teachers in all districts to garner support and feedback for the program.  Mr. Gonzalez also confers with school administrators and teachers from various disciplines to determine the appropriate questions used on the evaluation questionnaires.  Survey feedback helps determine Kids to Concerts programs and curriculum for subsequent years.