The Gurwitz Youth Ambassadors

An important element of The Gurwitz mission is to encourage the development of pianists in Greater San Antonio and Texas through the Gurwitz Youth Ambassador program. Young pianists represent Musical Bridges Around the World & The Gurwitz to showcase the positive experiences music can bring to people of all ages and backgrounds in our community.

Ambassadors are 19 years of age or younger and come with highest recommendation from their piano teachers. Ambassadors are asked to play seasonal music or a short recital, to attend or participate in a master class, or to speak with students about how they chose to play piano. These aspiring young pianists play for crowds large or small and serve as the “Opening Act” for Gurwitz-sponsored recitals by professional pianists. Youth Ambassadors receive certificates for their work and are included by Musical Bridges Around the World in select activities with international artists throughout the concert season.