Evaluation criteria are built around each concert.  TEKS and STEM standards are introduced, reinforced and tested during each performance.  MBAW formerly created a written test based upon TEKS and STEM standards, administered at the end of each concert, evaluating the retention of TEKS Music and Art, and both TEKS and STEM Social Studies curriculum introduced.  New this year, in support of our growing technology focus, MBAW is working with Sweb Development to design a custom Kids to Concerts app, which students will download in class following the concerts, to test retention, as well as garner performance evaluation.  MBAW also provides lesson plans and teacher surveys, to assist teachers, and to encourage teacher feedback.  Teachers advise MBAW how to write appropriate evaluation questionnaires, and will this year be able to evaluate MBAW’s custom designed app.  Survey feedback will help determine KtC programs, curriculum, and app design improvement for subsequent years.