Engineering & Math

Connecting Worlds Together (Grades 3-5)

Civil Engineer Design activity_ India Bridge Challenge Handout Civil Engineer Notebook_India Engineering Lesson Connecting Worlds Together_Engineering Lesson Engineering design - Teacher Tips Parent Letter

Dream Trip to Spain (Grades 4-5)

Mathematics Musical Sprouts_ Spain Travel Project Spain Travel Project QR Code Card Vacation Budget Sheet_Dream Trip to Spain Vacation Planning Sheet_Dreams Come True Website Resources_Dreams Come True

Architectural Gems (Grades 3-5)

Russia 3rd grade activity Architectural Gems_3rdGr Math Questions Breakout Flyers_Mathematics Russia Lesson Locks _ Boxes Ideas_Mathematics Lesson Puzzle Pieces_Architectural Gems Math Lesson

Rocket Exploration (Grades 3-5)

Engineering activity Rocket Exploration Data Collection Sheet Rocket Exploration QR Code Straw Paper Rocket Directions_Rocket Exploration strawrocket_worksheet