Caleb Gonzalez

Director of Educational Outreach

Mr. Gonzalez was the recipient of MBAW’s 2011 Volunteer Award, and has singlehandedly taken Kids to Concerts to the next level. He is a leading force in developing lesson plans and curriculum for the schools visited. For years, he has coordinated the scheduling of the in-school concerts, and has also provided in-kind donations of sound and musical equipment through his business, BandStar Music. Mr. Gonzalez studied Fine Arts at San Antonio College and the University of Texas at San Antonio. He has a Masters degree in Education from Lamar University and has been involved in education for over 24 years either as an After School teacher, Fine Arts Teacher or School Counselor in the school districts of Southwest and Northside in San Antonio. He has led fine arts programs for over 17 years in the elementary and middle school setting and served as the Theater Director while being the School Counselor. He continues to serve the schools and run programs
through his company and as an independent advocate for the arts and how it applies to the self efficacy of children. He and his beautiful wife, Dalila, have a two boys, Ethan and Levi.