Music Bridges Cultures During International Music Festival

May 28, 2015

Adam Tutor


The wanderlust audiophiles may find themselves embarking upon a musical journey of Homeric proportions after being inspired this past week, a week, a week where the world came to them. Living true to their name, Musical Bridges Around the World (MBAW) once again hosted the International Music Festival, enticingly paving the path for pedestrians to walk upon and then stand upon to listen. Seven concerts intertwined to create the brilliantly vibrant musical tapestry over the course of May 14-24, and San Antonio produly welcomed an even greater culutural palette to its already rich environments. 


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Bagpipes, Drums, and Divas at International Music Fest

May 13, 2015

Rudy Arispe


 A Galican bagpipe is to Cristina Pato what the piano is to Elton John. 

“It’s the national instrument of my country and part of my cultural identity,” said the 34-year-old Spanish performing artist – herself an accomplished pianist – of the bagpipe. Pato first began playing the bagpipes at the age of four. Her three elder sisters were already mastering the instrument, and she wanted to follow their lead.

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Cristina Pato: Busting Bagpipe Cliche

May 4, 2015

Jack Morgan


A Spanish musician is pushing the limits of her instrument, and she's coming to San Antonio.

"I'm Cristina Pato. I am a bagpiper from Galicia, in Spain." 


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Musical Bridges Around the World on FOX29

May 4, 2015

Fox S.A. Staff


MBAW (Musical Bridges Around the World) will host the 2nd International Music Festival which includes seven performances by world-class jazz, ethnic and folk musical groups at three venues: Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, San Fernando Cathedral and Trinity University. All concerts are free. 


Watch the interview with Artistic Director/ CEO Anya Grokhovski and Director of Developing and Marketing Suhail Arastu!

Whiplash and Fusion

April 1, 2014

Mike Greenberg

Performing that evening for a near-capacity crowd in San Fernando Cathedral, Mr. Azmeh, a resident of New York for many years, brought with him a long-time collaborator, percussionist John Hadfield. They we're joined by the Austin-based pianist Michael Schneider and San Antonio Symphony bassist Zlatan Redzic

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